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"Every Summer has its own story."

One more look back to Saint-Tropez. This holiday is slowly becoming a sweet summer memory as well. It’s always like that. First, I identify with the place I go to, then I find lost pieces of myself and when I return from the vacation the picture starts fading away and I slowly get used to living at home. 

Early in my life, I was dreaming of travelling and traveled rarely. I had a wide imagination so I saw myself in the places I’d never visited. I used to read of the desired travel to details and then I would create a picture in my head. That habit remains to this day, when I decide to travel I read a lot about that destination, I dream of it and I imagine myself being there. When I create a picture in my head, I also create my outfits. 

Saint-Tropez spells Brigitte Bardot and a big hat to me. The rest of the outfit is my own creation. White, cream and beige are the staple colors of my summer outfit combinations. Cotton, linen and a lace as a must are the dominant fabrics. The simple summer outfit is a top and shorts but the details bring it closer to the Saint-Tropez girl look. Those details are a glamour factor- a Brigitte Bardot hat, Plato sandals as a chic factor and I chose the Ernesto de Barcelona wooden jewelry. I look through the photos today and enjoy my sweet summer memories. But my outfit gives me back the role of the Tropezina and the memories are getting touchable. 

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