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"Some girls just have Beach in their soul."

The Mediterranean Sea has a developed beach culture. The owners of the beach clubs are trying very hard to offer the most creative atmosphere and the most delicious food they can that is creatively presented and served, of course. We, the fashionists, are also the part of this interesting atmosphere.

When we get to a beach restaurant or a beach club, we look around the place, and if people sitting there are similar to us, we know we gonna love it there.
Personally, I distinguish the beach styling and the beach lunch styling. The beach lunch styling goes with scarves and hats, and very important accessories are sunnies and jewelry. There is a variety of choices when it comes to the beach lunch outfits, so attitude and personal creativity are important here. I don’t have a specific rule except I choose comfortable fabrics, counting on getting sweaty, hard to wash and clean.

One of my favorites is maritime look, dominated by natural blue and white colors. A wide white cotton pants are very comfortable to wear during the warm summer season. An off-shoulder shirt is very in this season, perfectly suits this style, it’s really comfy and feminine at the same time.

Hermés scarf on the head - it’s an eyecatcher, quickly gives glamorous look to the combination and it is time-saving for the hair style. My favorites in this outfit are casual Ernesto de Barcelona espadrilles, they are really soft on the feet, especially as I don’t like sand on my feet when I’m on a lunch. Besides that, these espadrilles give this outfit a real maritime fresh touch.


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